April 21 - 23, 2017
Be Not Ashamed of who you are and who God created you to be! Join us for our High School Retreat April 21
- 23, 2017 as we explore what it means to stand up for your faith no matter what! I AM NOT ASHAMED High
School Retreat. Registration forms can be found at setonparishyouth.org or contact Barbara A. Serrano for
more information

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How can sharing our faith with others make an eternal impact?
There are tragedies that happen every day. We hear about unthinkable acts of horror. How does having and
maintaining your faith impact these tragedies? Does it make us stronger? Does it make the act of violence
easier to deal with? Does it help us understand why it happened?
The film I’m Not Ashamed invites viewers to experience how one young woman’s courage to express her
faith and love for God allowed the light to shine through her. It touched her classmate’s hearts and her story
continues to impact millions.
Seton Parish Youth is hosting a weekend retreat based on the movie to help people discover courage to
express their faith and how acknowledging Him even in difficulty can make an impact. This retreat is
designed to help people take the light that God instilled within them, and let it shine